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Q and A – with Courtney Eaton

Local rising actress and model Courtney Eaton is back in Bunbury for Christmas with her family. We threw some random questions at her, about her hometown…

Courtney Eaton home for the holidays

Fishing, cruising and shopping…

What do you miss the most about Bunbury? Obviously, I miss my family and my friends, but in general I miss the ocean here. We are so lucky to have so much open beach space and great weather!
When you are home, what do you like to get up to? I hit the beach with my friends, at all hours. We have been hanging out at each others houses, and roaming through town. Going to cafes, and a lot of shopping.
What has been the highlight of your Christmas break? Umm, easy! Being given the use of a stunning Mercedes E Class to drive around in for a few days! Thanks to Coastal Automotive, seriously, Bunbury rocks!
What do you have in store for the start of this year? I will be kicking off the new year with my boyfriend and then I turn 18, so I would say a lot of parties! Then work starts again with modelling and my new role in the “Gods of Egypt”.

Cafe 140 = yum

Cafe 140 = yum

(pic courtesy of Court Eaton on Instagram)

Linked to our iconic Silos

on the Marlston Waterfront, Stylo captures the essence of Bunbury Style.  Fashion, food, events, home and beauty. Regional WA setting their own trend.

Have a Stylo Xmas Everybody………

Welcome to Stylo’s first post where you get to experience and absorb everything Bunbury. Our special little piece of paradise in the heart of WA’s South West.  Through Stylo you will experience our art, culture, fashion, events, people, business………. You will experience Bunbury.  And Christmas is a good time to start.  Retailers and business owners have excelled in the Christmas window stakes. Up there with the best.


Café 140 and JOLT tackled a unique approach to tree construction.  Thinks lots of coffee bags, string, cups and cleverness.


Or the other extreme at JOLT, many tubes of liquid nails and cans of red gloss.  It is all about the shoes and the need to be red of course.


Unique gifts and we have it all.  Renee at our beautiful Eshe is all class. Hours of painstakingly wrapping branches and deer.  Colourful, fun and very special.


And then total style at Imogino.  Ricki and Vanessa never fail to impress with their simple but very classy approach to Christmas.  The little panda quietly watches Christmas mayhem.


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