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Stylish Print

Close behind the amazing success of Re.Discover, other young creatives are working hard to enhance the lifestyle and culture of Bunbury. Last week Kelsie Miller, the name behind more than 1 artistic endeavour, opened a fantastic little pop-up shop in one of Bunbury’s most iconic and loved buildings, The Red Mill Store. Kelsie’s 2 loves are photography and books so under the tag “Snapshots of Bunbury” she takes photos that attempt to look at familiar landmarks in a different way.  Kelsie felt that people often viewed Bunbury as a commercial and industrial city, losing sight of its natural and architectural beauty.  She highlights this beauty through her photographs which are now on display at the Pop-Up Shop.


To satisfy her pleasure of writing and the good old fashioned ‘book’ Kelsie produces a ‘Zine’ under the title “The Paperbook Collective”.  For those not familiar with Zines they are a small publication written in a variety of formats from computer printed texts, comics and the most popular, print. They are usually photocopied with print runs of less than 1000. Kelsie is now into her 5th edition.  Each month people from all over the world send in poetry, writing, photography and artwork. Kelsie then designs, edits and publishes the magazine. In addition she makes gift-cards, notebooks, bookmarks and posters featuring the Paperbook designs.


Along with her photographs, the zines and giftware present an awesome collection for the Pop-Up Shop.


“The Paperbook Collective” will not stop here .  With enough interest Kelsie hopes to set up a book exchange to run along side the pop shop.  It will be designed for people to either exchange or utilise the books for a minimal gold coin donation, and ultimately share  her obsession with hard copy books.  The shop is open Friday through to Sunday and Stylo encourages as many of you as possible to visit Kelsie’s little shop and soak up the pleasure of print.


Re-Discover is a Wrap

Like many art projects Re-Discover is an amazing blend of multi faceted activity that has culminated into four days of truly incredible art, artists, talking, sharing, love and pride.  Bunbury has really stepped up the Style anti with an enviable collection of street art predominantly tucked away in our little lanes.  Last night it was time to celebrate the achievements of all those involved in Re-Discover and this kicked off with a walking tour lead by our very own artist extraordinaire, Andrew Frazer. Over 120 people followed our Pied Piper around the streets to ‘discover’ more about not only the works but the artists behind the pictures.

Fittingly Andrew kicked off with his mural on Souths Wall where he shared his ideas behind both his artwork and the project. Perhaps consulting with his inspiration in the process!


And then the trail led to the north end of Victoria Street on the wall of the Darkroom Concept where the very accomplished Kyle Hughes-odgers briefed the crowd on his artwork.  Kyle has many projects currently in the pipe line including similar murals in Perth in the coming weeks and the launch of a children’s book later in the year. Kyle’s work has great movement and the colour palate works so well with the existing wall.



Local lad Tim Howe’s mural on Good Earth was certainly a crowd favourite.  Good Earth is an institution in Bunbury and has always been at the fore front of Bunbury’s surf culture.  It is a very special building and was brilliant to see Tim do it so much justice.


And then it was on to the Wombat Lodge wall and Jodee’s stunning and very thought provoking piece.  Her challenge was to work on a wall rendered with a bagging effect, which Jodee tackled head on with the texture dictating an approach to the shape of her work. And can I say Jodee rocked her outfit last night.


The sun is starting to set and the crowd continue to squeeze into Bunbury lane ways, this time to listen to Anya Brock’s take on her striking mural. Anya made special comment regarding the hospitality of Bunbury people, not only those who stopped to chat but also the cafes who kept her well nourished.


The final piece on our walking trail was Stormie Mill’s “The Journey”.  This seemed such an apt title for this artwork which reflected both our short and inspiring journey through Bunbury that afternoon, and also the longer and exciting journey that Bunbury took with Andrew to see his vision come alive on our streets.  The Sun really was starting to set and it was time for the WRAP party.


Great crowds turned up at the Bunbury Regional Art Galleries to view and purchase works from the contributing artists before heading into the beautiful BRAG courtyard to enjoy the hospitality of X2Y at the WRAP party. Great music and great vibe, and special mention must be made to the X2Y team for supporting and help carry this project along. Their hard work and commitment to realising an exciting and culturally diverse vision for Bunbury’s next generation is well and truly happening. So of course the wrap party had not only music and a fun crowd, it hosted the very talented Jackson who demonstrated the art and skill of creating a mural.


Every time you thought it was finished he added another layer and more detail………


that turned a one dimensional picture into a character with depth and life.  I guess a bit like the Re-discover project.


And that might be a wrap for the creation of the works but they are here in Bunbury for longevity so local and visitors can grab a map and start, or continue exploring our Stylo city……



Stylo is in the news

Great story in the Bunbury Mail today about Stylo.  Check it out by following the link

And a big shout out and thank you to our webmaster Aubrey for all his hard work on keeping the process smooth for us not so techno heads.

To spread the word about Bunbury and Stylo we need as many subscribers as possible so please start sharing Stylo news on FB, follow us on Instagram and of course register on this blog. Happy Days, all in style of course.



Discover – ReDiscover

It is exciting times for Bunbury as a new wave of creativity literally takes over our streets.  ReDiscover is here. A walking street art exhibition that showcases 6 of Western Australia’s both accomplished and up and coming artists.  By the end of this week 6 walls (some discretely tucked away) will be painted by Stormie Mills, Kyle Hughes-Odgers, Anya Brock, Jodee Knowles, and local artists Tim Howe and Andrew Frazer.

Andrew Frazer is the energy and inspiration behind ReDiscover and through this initiative Bunbury can proudly step forward as a cultural destination, created and driven by a new generation of artists.


Like any driving force Andrew is not only a contributing artist but also pulls on the help of loved ones to prep some of the ‘canvases’ for our guest artists, including the Wombat Lodge wall. Where would we be without family!


Jodee Knowles will transform this space with one of her unique and identifiable characters.  Many Bunburyites and visitors will recognise Jodee’s distinct style, as seen in our awesome little concept store ‘The Darkroom’ on Victoria Street.  A must visit for any one.


ReDiscover artists will begin their paintings this Wednesday 15 Jan and Conclude on Saturday with a group exhibition at the Bunbury Regional Art Galleries from 6pm.  This provides the perfect opportunity for people to support the project through either purchasing an artwork, or simply sharing the joy of ReDiscover’s success.  Stylo will be following the progress closely and is stoked to share and support this amazing concept. Interested in where to pick up a map to follow the art???? Then collect one from JOLT on Victoria Street, the Plant on Stephen’s Street, The Darkroom Concept on Victoria Street or check out

New Years Eve at the Vat

On the fresh night of the 31st to The Vat I head,
Riding past  the Bunbury foreshore
with families barbecuing, swimming and celebrating.
Made for an exciting ride!

At The Vat I alight,
champagne on arrival.

Joyful kisses and new year hugs!!!!
Barefoot on the beach and dancing till the count!


What a night! What a venue!


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