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Giving Back

As internet shopping is the new trend in the shopping market, small business has to think outside the box and give something more to our local, loyal customers.  Jo from Jolt, our fearless shoe stylo gave a prime example of creating an annual event for her fantastic shoe fanatic customers, with a VIP night held last Wednesday .

With bubbles, stylish food, great service and an abundance of new winter stock , the night was a hit. This shows that our wonderful Bunbury patrons love to be pampered with appreciation! A small gesture like this goes a long way to building a solid customer base .

Along with Jolt, Lyn and her team from Brazen are holding a similar night next month, and  Essence has plans in the wings too.

So get out there and get Stylo with your local!!

Jolt VIP and goodbye Aiyana #stylobunbury#styleshoes#bestnight#bubbles#jo'sdad??#foodandfashion#thanksjo#stylo

Artlabel Online at Bill Brown & Co

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It was an unusually warm night for an unusual art exhibition opening in Bunbury last Friday. A wonderful turn out of support for a really great initiative. Head over to the Artlabel Online site and buy local!








Friday Art in the City

This Friday sees the opening of two exhibitions in Bunbury that could not be represented by two more different organisations, or represent more extremes in artwork. ArtLabel Online is hosted by the beautiful and innovative Janine Stewart, who will transform the ‘Loft’ at the iconic Bill Brown and Co Building into a hub of creativity.  As a curator Janine established Art Label Online to provide easy access to affordable art via an online store. The Friday Pop Up Gallery is a ‘vehicle to embrace online art and for buyers to get a feel for the style of artists represented’ says Janine.  Art made more affordable  and accessible to occasional buyers was the key driver to developing the gallery. The Pop Up Gallery will feature a mix of urban, regional and metropolitan artists such as Penny Wise, Chubby Button (former surfboard artist to Rusty), and our beloved Andrew Fraser. Exhibition opens at 6pm and offers more than just artwork. Expect cool music, great food, friendly bar service from our own X2Y, and a fashion Pop-Up Shop by Rewind.


But before you head over to Art Label Online slip into your arty Friday at the opening of “Apparition – The Syndicate II”. This very special exhibition opens at the Bunbury Regional Art Galleries at 5pm. While Art Label Online showcases numerous young and emerging artists, Apparition is a collection of life size sculptures by Western Australia’s very talented and established artist, Peter Dailey. Dailey has played a significant role as an artist, educator, curator and mentor in Perth’s sculptural scene for almost 30 years and has appeared in over 80 group exhibitions nationally and internationally. It is a rare treat to see such a collection in Bunbury, particularly as all works will go into the private collections of the Syndicate once it has finished touring.  Dailey is the second recipient offered a commission by the Syndicate who are a group of collectors gathered together by Bunbury collector Lloyd Horn, with the aim of offering WA artists a chance to work for two years on a commissioned series.


(Photo taken by Eva Fernandez)

These two unique and special displays of West Australian art reflect the strong artistic and cultural community that exists in Bunbury, and the willingness of collectors, artists and curators to work collaboratively in both traditional and non traditional spaces. It is a credit to Art Label Online and the Bunbury Regional Art Galleries for creating this ‘Friday night artistic trail’ through the streets of Bunbury. It is a bit like a ‘Progressive Dinner’ where art lovers can stroll from one exhibition to another and satisfy their cultural appetites as they go.  More of it Bunbury!!!!!!!

Ode to Hokusai

Ode to Hokusai – Ian Mutch at Art Label Online


Sculpture by Peter Dailey. (Photo taken by Eva Fernandez)


Scarf Style

Autumn is here and we have had a small taste of cooler weather.  Out come the boots but perhaps still a little warm for jumpers and knits.  At this time of year you just cannot beat the classic combination of jeans, boots and a beautiful scarf that can tie an outfit together, keep the chill at bay, and perhaps add a splash of colour.  I personally have a large collection of scarves, almost as many as I have shoes, but every season I like to add to the collection and update the wardrobe without having to rethink entire outfits.  We often have so many favourites that can be reworked for another season, just by adding a beautiful scarf. Bunbury is blessed with some fantastic stores to purchase your scarves from. Our lovely Renee from Eshe can be classified as a scarf expert.

scarf throw1

LEE GARRETT ‘Estelle’ Wool/Modal Long Scarf $65 thrown to spectacular effect!

Says Renee, “What fun I had participating in this “Scarf Tutorial”with Stylo! Scarves are not only a fantastic way to update your existing wardrobe, they give you endless ways to give your outfit a creative touch! Scarves are also handy to have tucked in your handbag, in case you get a cool breeze or on the other hand need to protect your neck from the sun!” Renee’s passion for scarves developed when travelling overseas with family, and whilst shopping in London visited a magnificent store called Liberty of London. Here she immersed myself in a whole floor of different types of scarves. Overwhelmed with the options she selected a scarf and the helpful staff at Liberty showed her many different ways to both tie and wear. Filled with excitement and enthusiasm Renee became an avid collector and has stocked her shop with some super examples of what to wear this autumn.


Base: LEE GARRETT ‘Pom Pom’ Long Silk/Cotton Scarf $75.95. – In this example we used this ‘Pom Pom’ Scarf as a base to set off our printed scarf.

Top: NANCYBIRD ‘Orchid’ Square Silk Scarf $85.

Rolled Loop: Fold your scarf into two so that you are left with a triangular shape. Bring the “pointed ends” of the scarf into the middle, and roll three times. You should now have a flat rolled piece of fabric which you simply place on top of your “Base Scarf”. Now manipulate the scarf so that you have only a third of the scarf hanging on the left, and two thirds hanging on the right side of your body. Now hold the end of the scarf (on the right side) and wrap it around your neck once. You are now finished!


Left: NANCYBIRD ‘Sampler’ Square Silk Scarf $85. Handkerchief Knot: To create this look, fold your scarf in half to create a triangle (point to point with design on outside). Now place the triangular shape in front of your chest, holding the two longest points in your left and right hand. Wrap the left and right points around your neck and back to the front. Secure the ends with a double knot and manipulate your scarf so it has two little “tails” at the front of your neck. Note: this style can only be done with a Square Scarf!

Right: LEE GARRETT ‘Honeycomb’ Cotton Snood $59.95: Snood Loop: To create this look simply put the looped scarf over your head, twist and then over your head once again!



In this example we used two different scarves of the same length and texture. We used similar color tones and prints, but feel free to experiment with contrasting prints, and different textures!

Pictured: LEE GARRETT ‘Woodland’ Long Modal Scarf $55.95 with LEE GARRETT ‘Eagle Eye’ Long Silk/Modal Scarf $59.95.

Double Scarf Snood: This is super easy to do, very effective (and cozy in Winter!) Hold both scarves at the longest “point” of the scarf (this will be one tail of each of the scarves). Tie a double knot to join these scarves- make sure you leave at least 10cm so you get some nice “tails” showing near the knot. Wrap the scarf as many times as you need to around your neck. You should have about 30 centimeters left of scarf when you have wrapped it around your neck enough times. Now tie another knot (like you did before) and your finished!


I fell in love with the textures of Eshe’s range of scarves including blends of cotton, silk and wool.  Promise yourself a treat and grab yourself a scarf from this range, or the many others in Bunbury stores such as Fashion House, Imogino, Witchery and Brazen.  For tips on tying check out Liberty of London here: and experiment with your collection of scarves. Feel free to drop into Eshe if you are having troubles mastering any of these. Enjoy the wonderful world of scarves!


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