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Spring Style in Leisure Wear

With Spring now on our doorstep Stylo is encouraging you to get out and about in beautiful Bunbury.  It’s time to tone up, get fit and enjoy the great outdoors – all done in style of course. Our city is blessed with so many options when it comes to finding a space to exercise. Walkway’s, cycleways, boardwalks and beaches. We have it all……and when you look good you feel good.  To find out what new season leisure wear is now available in stores Stylo met up with Rikki and Xave from Sportfirst Bunbury and while having a chat thought we would also check out some pretty cool locations.


We started with a stroll through one of Bunbury’s newest spaces, the “Wardandi Memorial Park”. Xave is wearing Adidas and Nike while Rikki is showcasing brilliant colours from Lorna Jane.



Who says play equipment is just for the kids???? The equipment at Rocky Point is perfect for beach play.  Simple, easy and ties in so beautifully with the landscape. Xave wearing Adidas and Everlast. Rikki wearing Lorna Jane and Running Bare. It was time to hit the beach and Rikki thought she might teach Xave a little yoga before starting a busy work day, although in the end Xave was happy to relax on the basalt wall.



And just so you know, we did get them to prove the gear can be used for running in as well.  It wasn’t all about lying around on a beautiful morning.


Interested in these outfits or other great combos, then head into Bunbury sport shops including Sportfirst, Sportsmarine, and Jim Kidds.

Vintage Style in LA

Vintage and second hand shopping in LA is of paramount importance to this Stylo.  And so I went scouring them all, from the second hand denim and t-shirt stores along Melrose, to the higher end “couture” specialists on La Brea.

11 029

As I was browsing one of the biggest vintage stores in the country, and resisting the urge to re-mortgage for the sweet Hermes collections in the corner… I was able to listen in to a team of fashion forecasters for a major international chain. They were there to pick the brains of the staff. Anyway, these forecasters asked what I was thinking regarding new trends and my thoughts are that the big trend for the teenage market is ‘90s bands, like Nirvana. Looking at any teenager its easy to see the early ‘90s is a huge inspiration. The grunge/slacker theme is back on trend with the kids. I had been marveling at $500-$800 t-shirts, simple 1970’s rock band tees, in pretty amazing condition. But at those prices I would love to know their provenance.

Doris Raymond in Moshcino, from 1991.

Down the street on La Brea, I had a chance to talk to Doris Raymond, owner of a fantastic store ‘The Way We Wore’.  Doris is also the focus of reality show L.A. Frock Stars of which one Stylo is hooked. With an easy friendliness we were able to talk about the links with Australian designers and their sourcing trips to find new inspiration from vintage pieces. Doris is full of great things to say about our designers and optimistic for the future of design coming from Australia.


As I was visiting “The Way We Wore” I got to meet a beautiful woman from Sydney who is opening her own online vintage store very soon… I’m keeping quiet until it opens then I’ll spill the details!….. The pieces I just loved the most were those simple 1930’s bias cut silks, in gorgeous florals. My eye kept going to the beautiful 1950’s dresses with their layers of petticoats in vibrant colours but what really kept me riveted was as always, the accessories. In every vintage store I visited, I found myself making lists of the jewellery, belts, hats, bags and shoes that I could easily take home! And upstairs at” The Way We Wore”, I fell for the unpriced Dior headpiece  that was sitting in amongst countless super valuable couture pieces… If I ever get to do red carpet in LA, and vintage is an option… I know where I’ll be heading!


All images from “The Way We Wore”.


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