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Re-Discover returns to Bunbury

It has been a little while since our last post as we Stylo’s enjoyed the leisure and luxury of our families during Christmas and New Year.  It seems especially fitting for the first post of 2015 to be about Re-Discover Bunbury which was one of the first stories we published.  What emerged as an incredible event generated by the vision and energy of Andrew Frazer has evolved in its second year as an enviable festival that stretches the length of our beautiful CBD.  And Stylo was there to witness the first pencil stroke on Monday past by Kyle Hughes-Odgers


In the few short days since Kyle began his work 10 artists are now painting various walls.  I am struck by the diversity of each piece, and the styles that each artists adopts to carry out their craft on such challenging canvases.  They have literally flown in from all over the country (and globe) to share Re-Discover with us.  Watching the friendship and camaraderie amongst the artists is very warming and you are reminded that people don’t have to exist within the same geographic boundaries to form community. And through this community Bunbury is also experiencing shared strength, camaraderie and pride. As each piece evolves the crowds continue to gather. This beautiful creature by Twoone pokes it’s head over the roofs of Stephen Street.


Parklets have also been created so that we can watch the artists at work, and share our thoughts and stories.  Personal touches such as free deliveries from local cafes, I saw ice being dropped off while a guy does his normal rounds, and parklets decorated with donated plants and trinkets – have all added to the community gathering.


Anya Brock’s piece in Stephen Street is being complimented well by the skills of Ayres whose precision turns a few geometric s into a modern landscape


Beastman has the challenge of Bunbury Regional Art Galleries rear wall and is doing it true justice. Here is a little taste…..


These images are teasers that encourage you to venture into the CBD this week, grab a map and explore Re-Discover. Stormie Mills recognisable work captures a moment in historyphoto

And the start of Fintan Magee’s work gives us a taste of what we can expect.


www.sixtwothreezero #rediscoverbunbury.  Check it out. Full program of events and activities online


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