by w4l3XzY3

by w4l3XzY3

Micro Ideas, Micro Funding, Massive Talent

4 amazing ideas, 4 inspiring projects and one ‘souperb’ concept to bring life to micro projects in Bunbury.  That is the basis of Bunbury’s first Neighbourhood Soup. It didn’t take long to feel the energy at BRAG on Wednesday night.  The Chapel Gallery was buzzing as 120+ took their seat, or a beanbag, or stood to listen to 4 x micro presentations on creative projects happening in our town. The first thing that impressed this Stylo was that these 4 projects were happening, with or without the carrot of potential funding.


Concept in a ‘soupbowl’?? Pitch your project to a captive audience who all donated $10 ea (and scored a bowl of homemade soup).  The most loved project gets the jar of cash to spend. $1060 toward invaluable benefit to our community.


Competition was really tough and I wanted to vote for all 4. First up was Jane. With a botanist background, Jane was motivated by her unsuccessful vegie patch, to explore what really does thrive in our Bunbury soil. Research and enthusiasm encouraged her to plat predominately edible species in public spaces where the community could access and enjoy both plants and produce.


Sasha (our winning project) coordinated a Time Bank.  An age old concept of trading skills.  It’s been around for thousands of years but still stands true to the value of our time and skills.  Sasha and her team will utilise their funds to access those who don’t use social media to communicate, our elderly.

Number 3 was Kelsie and ‘Good Nights’. And who doesn’t enjoy one! As a lover of house concerts and independent music I got this. So much amazing music, musicians and talent, and no where to showcase. Kelsie is offering small intimate concerts that benefit musician and audience alike.


Number 4. Andrew, a young man who has already offered so much to Bunbury and continues to support. A collaboration with the Shoestring Cafe. Offering cafe patrons and the GP a chance to share the experience of furniture making, in a 5 hour workshop, creating over 100 stools from local timber.  The stools are used at Re-Discover then sold to raise funds for the Shoestring cafe. A perfect cycle of recycling and regeneration.


How do you choose between the 4????? Well done to BRAG and Enable for a brilliant concept and a great example of community collaboration on so many levels.  They may not have all taken away the money but they all go a chance to share their ideas, projects and passion. We were all inspired.

So much happening in this town. Next Bunbury Neighbourhood Soup…….27 August @ 5.30pm. And a huge thank you to Taj Kempe for the incredible pics. Another emerging young talent.


Margaret River Gourmet Escape – Through The Eyes of an Exhibitor

This Stylo had the privilege of helping out a friend at this year’s ‘Gourmet Escape’ in Margaret River.  The said friend Jackie (joint owner of Barton Jones Wines in Donnybrook) had booked a space to showcase their range of beautiful Geographe wines to the world of crazy wine and food followers.  It’s a new breed of sub culture where traditional and discerning foodies are being joined by a younger generation in the adoration of gastronomy and the ‘celebrities’ that have evolved from the phenomena. I was astounded to see literally thousands of 20 somethings clutching their prized cook books (some costing up to $400), and mad with the excitement over the potential to grab a moment of time with their favored chef while seeking a signature.  There is no doubt the ‘Gourmet Escape’s’ contribution to showcasing WA food and wine is invaluable, and perhaps becoming one of the most significant in the state if not the country. As a member of the exhibitors community I had the rare insight to see and meet many of the people behind the food and beverage we enjoy so much, so I decided to focus this post on the real people behind ‘Gourmet Escape’. Those who promote the food, wine and cafe cultures in WA on an ongoing and continuous basis with passion, hard work and smiles.

Barton Jones Wines from the Geographe Wine Region produce a range of sophisticated and flavoursome wines. Jackie Barton and Adrian Jones pour their heart and souls into a beautiful vineyard just south of Donnybrook on the Upper Capel Road.  14 years of work and commitment now see their wines featuring on may wine lists in Perth and the regions.  Like so many of the wineries represented at the ‘Gourmet Escape’ punters will see Barton Jones at many food and wine festivals throughout the state.  As a small producer the opportunity of getting wines into outlets is a painstaking journey including many miles, many stalls and many conversations with the consumer. I certainly learn’t this over the weekend, and while I expected to be busy spending much of my weekend chatting, I don’t think I had any real concept of the continuous dialogue that was necessary to showcase a product in a sea of so many other quality wines.



We had some wonderful next door neighbors that included not only more wine producers but also honey and mead. Like all good neighbours we laughed, chatted and shared. Check out Harewood Estate when next in Denmark or Bartholomews for the best honey and mead. One jar of creamed honey came home with me. And on a side note, there wasn’t just celebrity chefs in abundance. Layne Beachley was happy to wander and chat amongst the many stalls.



One woman who I continue to admire as a true ambassador of the South West food producers is Katrina Lane from ‘A Taste of Balingup’. Katrina along with Sophie Bud had a very special exhibition over the weekend where they specifically showcased local produce and producers.  They ran numerous presentations with equally passionate and accomplished chefs in a demonstration of how important it is to source our produce from local suppliers.  Literally from Paddock to Plate.  When in Balingup you must check out Katrina’s little business.  It is always a pleasure.



Food, food, food, food.  It seemed at times to never be enough. What really struck me was that it wasn’t just food, but also art.  Each stall showcased either a product or a menu, and without exception the presentation was incredible. So many known cafes and bars – and many unknown and need to be visited……I think most that live along the coast will recognise Samudra from Dunsborough.  A true lifestyle experience and always shared with a big smile.


And if it is sweet treats you like??? Cupcakes, home made sweets, nougat……. Sweetharts Cupcakes stole my heart. Bought 2 little babies for the trip home on Sunday night



Or perhaps Sweet Dreams is more your cup of tea with an incredible combination of Bagels and Donuts.  What pulled me to this store was the great smiles and joy radiating from the team.


With an events background I know that pulling a gig together like ‘Gourment Escape’ is immense. No event functions without our ‘backstage’ crew.  The chances are that the high standard of staging, lighting and sound at many events in the South West is due to this man.  Derek Peterson of Totally Sound. All we event organisers love Derek. All Style I think event in the signature black.


So many faces amongst the crowds and I was continuously running into beautiful people.  Jodie was no exception and I was very lucky to sample the super Pinchos from the ‘Pinchos Perth’ crew.  Treat yourselves.


The effervescent Verity James visited our stall both mornings to share a chat and laugh before we got on with business.


I am a sucker for antiques so felt very excited to discover ‘More Than Antiques’ just across from us.  I literally did not have much time to explore but still managed to take a little souvenir home that will sit very nicely in my kitchen


I could not even attempt to showcase all of the people represented at this year’s premier Margaret River Food Fest but I do hope I have given you a tiny slice of the truly wonderful people who congregate to share the journey.  The Gourmet Village was only 1 element of many which included a very diverse and exciting collection of satellite events.  I thank the organisers, sponsors and celebrities who contribute, and sincerely toast and take my hat off to all the stallholders, exhibitors and producers who are the true ‘Taste of WA’.  Yes, I drank coffee but also finished my days with a lovely glass of 2007 Barton Jones Semillon.


As the sun set over the vines late yesterday evening Jackie and I headed home with our cupcakes. Would I attend the Margaret River ‘Gourmet Escape’ as an exhibitor again? While I love the idea of being more free to sample the many and varied on offer, there was a certain privilege to being a member of the exhibitors community.


Number Five! Of Kristy’s Must Haves… ahhh Coffee

Take it from a chef who owns an award winning cafe to tell you about coffee! As the last of Kristy’s Five Must Have’s for the kitchen is naturally, a good coffee maker. And this classic from House in Bunbury is just perfect.

Coffee Pot

As Kristy says the most important thing to note about great coffee is having good beans. Fresh roasted  course  ground beans are her must important points, so go to your favourite cafe , and ask them to do a filter grind of there fresh beans. Stove top, filtered, fancy machine… it all works if you have the right ingredient!

Enjoy a perfect short black camping on holidays !!! We love coffee and easy coffee can’t be beat!


Thank you again for the lovely Maria at House in Bunbury. What would your Five Must Haves be?



Little East Bunbury

There is a little corner of Bunbury nestled to the East that has grown it’s own personality and blossomed into what is now a hub of great food, shops and people. The Stylo team took an afternoon to explore this piece of urban culture, and find out about the people behind what has become a much loved and buzzing precent. First stop “Happy Wife” for coffee and amazing cake. Paul Griffin and his wife Sophine moved to Bunbury 3 years ago to open their own café with the intent of establishing a ‘food to go’ outlet. After an extensive search for the perfect venue they settled on the old deli in East Bunbury. Paul had seen the potential for such a café after some years working in the hospitality industry in Perth, France, Noosa and Pemberton. While he recognised his concept and vision were a gamble, he never imagined that the people of Bunbury (and residents of East Bunbury) were ready to embrace a new injection of energy into this little nook, and within weeks he realised that while the food was ‘to go’ everyone wanted to sit and enjoy meals and coffee at ‘The Happy Wife’. Beginning with 3 staff the team now boasts 12+, and in three short years has expanded to include the much loved outdoor area with amazing views across Bunbury’s beloved inlet.


The Happy Wife consistently offers amazing food, much of it made from fresh local produce, a philosophy Paul and his staff feel strongly about. He has continued to manage a loyal and dedicated team. Incoming chef Kate, (no stranger to the Bunbury crowds) has just joined the Happy Wife to fill the big shoes of Jake who is heading off to South America on what will no doubt be an amazing adventure with some culinary stops along the way.


All cakes are homemade at “The Happy Wife” – like this coconut and chili cake – Yum


Sooooo, while we were on the Café trail, we decided to cross the road and visit “Corners on King”. This establishment is perhaps one of the oldest businesses in the Little East Bunbury precent but perhaps not as we know it today.  Originally The Mangrove Café, a young man born in Botswana and emigrating to East Bunbury at 13, decided to purchase it at the tender age of 20. In doing so he took on an extremely successful café and in 5 years Greg has put his own stamp on this eatery.  Why the change to “Corners on King”? Because Greg saw it as a natural progression for his business within the area, which was gaining popularity and respect from both within and outside the East Bunbury Community.  Greg also wanted to put his own personality and stamp on the business. There is no doubt the make over at Corners is amazing and presents a beautiful and very modern feel to the area.


Again we have a café that offers fresh local produce presented by a well oiled and committed team of individuals. It is fantastic to see a young man with such drive and ambition realise his dream of owning his own café. Greg is wrapped to see both a new group of clientele coming through his doors, while also continuing to welcome the loyal Mangrove customers. “Corners on King” is a family affair where Greg has had amazing support from his partner and parents. In fact is was his father’s idea with the name change, all coming to fruition around the family dinner table – of course.

But little East Bunbury is not just about cafes, as we discovered.  In fact we were surprised at the number of businesses within in the collective. “Soho Hair and Beauty”, like “Corners on King” has been in East Bunbury for 5 years, however owner/operator Kim Harvey has been in the hair and beauty industry for 32 years.

SohoKim Sohoteam

When we popped in the salon was buzzing, full of clients and a very beautiful and groovy team of girls. Kim chose to move to East Bunbury because she was looking for an area that had a nice vibe and easy parking for her clients.  When first identifying East Bunbury even her mum didn’t know where the area was, however that soon changed and it has proven to be a fantastic move for “Soho”. Like the Happy Wife, her staff has grown from 3 to 9 and she has many walk ins.  Kim sees the cafes as a great asset to the area as they have definitely enhanced the buzz and continue to attract the flow of traffic.

And who is the new kid on the block?????

“The Flower Bench Boutique”, an extension of the beautiful gift shop in the CBD has opened it’s doors only a few short weeks ago, and has already built up a strong and steady stream of clientele.  Russell Green felt that East Bunbury is now seen as a destination and lent itself to such a store where women could be offered great labels in a store and offered subtle sophistication and amazing service from the effervescent Jorja. How could you not buy something off this girl??


We were welcomed with open arms so what does a Style team do in a boutique? check out the product of course – and so much to choose from (all while enjoying a beautiful bottle of Geographe Reisling from Talisman)


That was a wrap but we have only covered half of Little East Bunbury. Stay tuned to the blog, facebook and instagram for our follow up on the other stores in the East, “Paul’s Fruit and Veg” at”The Quays”, “Xquisite” Hair and Beauty and “Parade Fish and Chips”

photo 1

Au revoir from the Stylo team

photo 2


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