Wood + Water

Driving back from a Perth trip yesterday I noted the large number of public artworks and sculptures that form an integral part of new constructions and roadworks that pop up on every journey. It is so refreshing to see the value both private companies and the public sector put into public art, and it’s contribution to the built landscape. Earlier this year I volunteered at ‘Public’. This street art project developed by FORM embraces new urban and regional communities and through Public expanded on the impressive suite of public artworks scattered throughout Perth,  it’s suburbs and, the unique Pilbara and Wheatbelt regions.

It was a privilege to meet many of the artists involved in Public who are contributing to developing and enhancing  our urban landscapes. It is also a privilege for Bunbury to host an up and coming exhibition by 2 inspiring and accomplished West Australian creatives. ‘Wood + Water’ marks the final and biggest exhibtion for the year by The Art Label at Maker + Co.


(Ian Mutch painting for PUBLIC in Victoria Park, 2015. Photography by Jean Paul Horre. Image courtesy of FORM)

Margaret River based Ian Mutch was guest artist at the recent launch of Re.Discover Bunbury 2016 (another exciting project). At Wood + Water he will showcase his “Bitetime” booklet (following on from successful Melbourne and Dunsborough shows), plus new artworks and favourite limited edition prints. Ian creates detailed artworks using drawing ink, acrylics, watercolour, aerosol and markers. His work has won awards and given life to public spaces. His large-scale gallery works are in high demand. He also designs and co-publishes Kingbrown Magazine and has been an industry speaker at Agideas, the Design Institute of Australia and Semi Permanent.


(Chris Nixon painting for PUBLIC in Northam, 2015. Photography by Bewley Shaylor. Image courtesy of FORM )

Adding his own mark to the exhibition will be Chris Nixon. His work will feature artwork on custom built and designed skateboards, originals and limited edition prints. All inspired by wood and water. Chris Nixon is also an illustrator, designer and creative director based in Perth. He is inspired by the West Coast and classic surf culture with an emphasis on the handmade and crafted,  From children’s books to animation, commercial illustration to large scale public art, Nixon threads a distinct style across all scales and sizes to extend his creativity. Chris has created several large scale artworks which have been installed around Australia and has exhibited work in Tokyo, Berlin, Bali, Sydney and Melbourne.


(Andrew Frazer launching Re.Discover 2016 – Image Rogan Pringle)

Additional excitement surrounding these 2 artists is they are featured artists in Re.Discover Bunbury for January next year. It seems only fitting that we get the chance to appreciate and purchase their work prior to arguably one of Bunbury’s biggest cultural events.


The innovative and widely accessible online art gallery uses the gallery space at Maker + Co as a vehicle to embrace online art and for buyers to get a feel for the style of artists listed on the website. The Art Label Online Art Gallery allows regional and Western Australian artists to showcase their work, and sell directly to art buyers.

To browse the gallery visit The exhibition open Friday 13 November at 5pm and will run until January 20, 2016.
Contact: Janine Stewart Mob: 0404913737

Micro Ideas, Micro Funding, Massive Talent

4 amazing ideas, 4 inspiring projects and one ‘souperb’ concept to bring life to micro projects in Bunbury.  That is the basis of Bunbury’s first Neighbourhood Soup. It didn’t take long to feel the energy at BRAG on Wednesday night.  The Chapel Gallery was buzzing as 120+ took their seat, or a beanbag, or stood to listen to 4 x micro presentations on creative projects happening in our town. The first thing that impressed this Stylo was that these 4 projects were happening, with or without the carrot of potential funding.


Concept in a ‘soupbowl’?? Pitch your project to a captive audience who all donated $10 ea (and scored a bowl of homemade soup).  The most loved project gets the jar of cash to spend. $1060 toward invaluable benefit to our community.


Competition was really tough and I wanted to vote for all 4. First up was Jane. With a botanist background, Jane was motivated by her unsuccessful vegie patch, to explore what really does thrive in our Bunbury soil. Research and enthusiasm encouraged her to plat predominately edible species in public spaces where the community could access and enjoy both plants and produce.


Sasha (our winning project) coordinated a Time Bank.  An age old concept of trading skills.  It’s been around for thousands of years but still stands true to the value of our time and skills.  Sasha and her team will utilise their funds to access those who don’t use social media to communicate, our elderly.

Number 3 was Kelsie and ‘Good Nights’. And who doesn’t enjoy one! As a lover of house concerts and independent music I got this. So much amazing music, musicians and talent, and no where to showcase. Kelsie is offering small intimate concerts that benefit musician and audience alike.


Number 4. Andrew, a young man who has already offered so much to Bunbury and continues to support. A collaboration with the Shoestring Cafe. Offering cafe patrons and the GP a chance to share the experience of furniture making, in a 5 hour workshop, creating over 100 stools from local timber.  The stools are used at Re-Discover then sold to raise funds for the Shoestring cafe. A perfect cycle of recycling and regeneration.


How do you choose between the 4????? Well done to BRAG and Enable for a brilliant concept and a great example of community collaboration on so many levels.  They may not have all taken away the money but they all go a chance to share their ideas, projects and passion. We were all inspired.

So much happening in this town. Next Bunbury Neighbourhood Soup…….27 August @ 5.30pm. And a huge thank you to Taj Kempe for the incredible pics. Another emerging young talent.


Australia’s South West

How awesome is it to be us living in such a great part of the world!! Check this, first of four, video that showcases how great the southwest of WA is!

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Tree Street Art Safari


From learning about the history of Bunbury’s two cathedrals, to watching new technology be printed in front of your eyes through 3D printing, the 2015 Tree Street Art Safari had something for everyone! With maps in hand, the ‘audience’ set off on a self guided walking tour of artist’s studios and gardens within a few blocks of Bunbury’s CBD. At each studio, the artists were able to share their journey’s and demonstrate their technique. Many artists work alone, so the chance to share their studio with people was a welcome change.

The Art safari takes its inspiration from New Zealand, where artist Kerry Gelmi had the pleasure of seeing inside some of their hidden studios. “It is a hugely popular event in New Zealand, and sells out overnight. These places are never open, so it’s a wonderful opportunity for the whole community.”

With painting, printmaking, drawing, textiles,sculpture, architecture, jewellery, garden design, and 3D printing technology people had a variety of interests to learn more about. All work had been produced by the artists,  who relished being able to demonstrate their techniques and talk about new projects and collaborations. In addition to the artist’s studios, both Bunbury’s Cathedrals were open to view the stained glass. Both had tours explaining the history of the building and particularly their beautiful stained glass windows.

The event was rounded off with a Mexican cantina fiesta at Walker Hall behind St Boniface Cathedral. Wine by Fifth Estate and fantastic entertainment by Codee Lee and Blair Whittle ended the night on a huge high!

This was a journey of discovery that is sure to inspire, with next year’s event already being planned to include more tickets and more artists! The amazingly motivated people behind such projects are why Stylo is so proud of Bunbury. Hope you enjoy this pictorial journey as much as the participants enjoyed their Safari.


10854398_1564277947186213_8305114265074941682_oSt Boniface Cathedral with St Patrick’s Cathedral in the background.

   10996267_1562179737396034_4929110583537319023_nSome of the talented artists and craftspeople ready to open their owns.
At Deb Campbells inspiring studio, sitting on a fully mosaic tiled hand crafted bench.

10533308_1563334840613857_1755276704759765525_oWelcoming flag at Unicycle Design in Lovegrove Avenue

960Gathering Rust Sculpture Garden overlooking St Boniface Cathedral



921Artist Simon Hemsley’s studio and art



914Helena Sahm’s art studio and works





905Melanie Hurst’s art and studio in Beach Road

11017242_1564277960519545_8974338106757386104_oJess Harris Jewellery

878Thousand Flowers Studio in Karri Street by Deb Campbell

861Stunning home of Kent Lyon Architect with samples of his work and his art collection.



846Recycled and stunning furniture at Unicycle Design workshop in Lovegrove Avenue

840Private works of Peter Mickle out for public viewing in Lovegrove Avenue

833Lovegroove FabLab Technology Studio, 3D Print machine in action

965Party time for all!


All photos by Karen Steele, except for those water marked by Aden Gelmi.

Re-Discover returns to Bunbury

It has been a little while since our last post as we Stylo’s enjoyed the leisure and luxury of our families during Christmas and New Year.  It seems especially fitting for the first post of 2015 to be about Re-Discover Bunbury which was one of the first stories we published.  What emerged as an incredible event generated by the vision and energy of Andrew Frazer has evolved in its second year as an enviable festival that stretches the length of our beautiful CBD.  And Stylo was there to witness the first pencil stroke on Monday past by Kyle Hughes-Odgers


In the few short days since Kyle began his work 10 artists are now painting various walls.  I am struck by the diversity of each piece, and the styles that each artists adopts to carry out their craft on such challenging canvases.  They have literally flown in from all over the country (and globe) to share Re-Discover with us.  Watching the friendship and camaraderie amongst the artists is very warming and you are reminded that people don’t have to exist within the same geographic boundaries to form community. And through this community Bunbury is also experiencing shared strength, camaraderie and pride. As each piece evolves the crowds continue to gather. This beautiful creature by Twoone pokes it’s head over the roofs of Stephen Street.


Parklets have also been created so that we can watch the artists at work, and share our thoughts and stories.  Personal touches such as free deliveries from local cafes, I saw ice being dropped off while a guy does his normal rounds, and parklets decorated with donated plants and trinkets – have all added to the community gathering.


Anya Brock’s piece in Stephen Street is being complimented well by the skills of Ayres whose precision turns a few geometric s into a modern landscape


Beastman has the challenge of Bunbury Regional Art Galleries rear wall and is doing it true justice. Here is a little taste…..


These images are teasers that encourage you to venture into the CBD this week, grab a map and explore Re-Discover. Stormie Mills recognisable work captures a moment in historyphoto

And the start of Fintan Magee’s work gives us a taste of what we can expect.


www.sixtwothreezero #rediscoverbunbury.  Check it out. Full program of events and activities online


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