Cuban Style Heading to Bunbury

Bunbury and Cuba may seem like an unlikely pairing but in a few short weeks Bunbury will have the opportunity to share the passion and drive of celebrated Art Collectors, Liz and Lloyd Horn who have been instrumental in bringing 2 unique and highly talented Cuban printmakers to WA. Liz and Lloyd  have arguably the most extensive collection of West Australian art so it is a pre-requisite when traveling that they also explore exhibitions, galleries and artists during their travels.


2 years ago while in old Havana, Cuba, they stumbled on El Taller Experimental de Gráfica (The Experimental Graphics Studio). Founded in 1962 by mural artist Orlando Suarez with the support of Che Guevara, this studio/workshop is still thriving today. It is one of the most important graphic arts establishments in the country, preserving the old printmaking techniques and churning out some of the most significant works of graphic art in Havana. Many visual artists, poets, writers, and musicians are attracted to the TEG for the flavor of art that is produced as well as the unique gathering of artists who work and study there.


There is also a small gallery—Galería del Grabado—upstairs which is a good place to buy art and it was here that Liz stumbled across a folio of 19 works by Norberto Marrero.  They instantly fell in love and purchased all 19 before heading off on a 2 week tour of the country.  While being seduced by the colour and culture of Cuba Lloyd could not take his mind off Norberto’s work and the fact that 19 was not a good number – he needed the 20th which was still hanging in the gallery. And so back in Havana they returned to Galería del Grabado and rather than find the allusive 20th print they discovered that Norberto had replenished his folder with an additional 36 prints.  While then visiting the Havana Biennale Liz and  Lloyd came across both Norberto’s work and that of his wife’s, Janette Brossard, further reinforcing the calibre of these artists.  The collection was complete and the Horns returned to Australia with their Cuban treasures.


When Norberto returned to his workshop and discovered that the Australians had returned and purchased his full body of work he had to find them, and hence communication via email began.  With Lloyds continued passion for WA art he was intent on getting both Norberto and Janette to Australia with a number of aims to develop WA art, and in particular, printmaking. Hence communications with ECU began and through their support and funding our Cuban artists will arrive in Perth in the coming weeks.  While here they will run a number of workshops at both the Bunbury Regional Art Galleries, and ECU Bunbury and Perth. BRAG will also host an exhibition of works.


The significance of this liaison and visit is exceptional, and just as significant is that this will be the first time the artists and collectors will meet after 2 years of online friendship and collaboration. More on the artists and their works coming on Stylo……..



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