Love Story to Rotterdam

When Stylo met up with Dean Lomax recently the smile said a thousand words. This man is in love, with his life and his family, all enhanced with  his love for hockey and the journey that saw him realise his dream, to represent Australia and bring home a gold. Originally from Queensland, Dean began playing hockey at 9yo and quickly showed a skill that saw him picked for the Queensland team at 15. From here he expanded his passion through umpiring which became his main focus. It didn’t take long to became a high achiever, being the youngest umpire (at 16) for the division 1 men’s final. Always by his side is Dean’s beautiful wife Sharon. As childhood sweethearts Sharon has shared Deans journey and recalls that even at school he always declared ‘he wanted to play against the Netherlands’


Since arriving in Bunbury in 1995 Dean has played at a highly competitive level which included him heading to Sydney in 2013 for the Nationals. While sustaining an injury he still kept his sights on his ultimate goal to play on the Australian team in the 2014 Masters Hockey World Cup in Rotterdam. The training continued with determination which was rewarded with a nomination as a reserve. He was 1 of 6 from WA. When jumping on that plane in May Dean said to Sharon he wanted 3 things out of the trip. 1) Prove that he should have been picked for the team and not reserve 2)Swap an Australian shirt for a Dutch shirt 3)Win Gold.

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And he achieved them all. Following almost a 3 weeks of training matches in Barcelona, Belgium and Tilburg, Dean’s first Australian goal was realised and he played every match at the Masters . In this time he developed an irreplaceable bond with the entire squad that extended to the players, supporters, trainers and WAGS. Says Dean “It was incredible. All the people were focused on 1 goal and all were so totally accepting and understanding of and amongst each other”.  When the team accomplished their dream the parties began. Finally saying goodbye both from Rotterdam and again at Dubai was an emotional time as they had all formed an obvious and unique bond – ‘Very special’


‘To anybody who considers giving up their sport early – DONT’ are Dean’s words of wisdom. How does it feel to be a gold medallist in a world competition? ‘Next best thing in my life ever after marrying my wife and having 2 beautiful children’. And I expect Bunbury will see Dean on the global stage again in 2016 when he aims for the next Masters World Hockey Cup in Canberra. Check out more on the Road to Rotterdam through Dean’s own video diary ‘The Tilt’

Thanks to Brooklyn for Men in Prinsep Street for kitting our star out in some pretty awesome gear. Bunbury has everything you need to make our Bunbury boy look Stylo on the world circuit.

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